Sideshow Sign Co.

WEEK 62 - July 19, 2012

If you’ve come to one of the past few events in our backyard, or even just seen any photos from the evenings, you may have noticed a glowing, behemoth TN sign residing behind the performers. On all of these nights, we have watched people young and old admire and even take their picture in front of it. We are big fans of our friends at Sideshow Sign Co. and would like to tell you about them…

Aussie graphic designer and builder, Luke Stockdale, was born to a mother who was a collector, teacher and former magic shop owner. He grew up surrounded by old children’s books and gone-era educational tools. In 2009, he was busy working on his graphic design company, Whiskey Theatre, when his family home was tragically lost to the Black Saturday Brushfires in Maiden Gully, Victoria. He moved home to help design and rebuild their place and during that time he incidentally used a lot of donated and salvage materials. That experience is reflected in his current work and also made him much more eager to get out from behind the computer and design something more tactile. It was a perfect storm that made him neither singularly a graphic designer or a builder and he manages to blend the two perfectly.

Coincidentally (and luckily for our fair city), love brought him to Nashville. imogene + willie may admittedly be suckers for a love-story-business that started in Nashville… His lovely and multi-talented wife, Jasmin Kaset recently became his business partner as well. She’s taken on the great task of managing the multitudes of orders pouring in from around the world. She says about operating from here, “I don’t know if we could be doing this anywhere other than Nashville. The network of craftsmen here is really something. Everyone’s looking out for everyone.” We love to hear that.

What Sideshow Sign Co. does so brilliantly is make signs that feel old as dirt. Every piece feels like there is a hundred years of history and character behind it. Prints like his Periodic Chart look like reproductions of old signage but are his own designs. After visiting their rustic shop in Berry Hill, I can vouch for the amount of precision, hard work and attention to detail that goes into every piece. There is extreme care and innovative thought that goes into every element of every sign. Luke is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to distressing his designs, and his hard work pays off big in the finished product. He’s even been known to update his commission clients of the process along with the way with pictures of the progress. Check out more of their beautiful work here.

Blogs such as Uncrate and Design*Sponge have helped take their online business to another level. They also receive a lot of love from Nashville press and typography blogs. The goal, while they continue to expand, is to open a storefront and hire an employee or two so that they might set out to Australia to visit the family. No time to get away when the demand is so high! I am very happy that it is, though, as all their hard work and imagination is being recognized as a cut above. Kudos to you both, Luke and Jasmin.


Garland Gallaspy is friend, man, artist, bow and arrow phenom, exotic meat connoisseur, photographer and jack-of-all-trades.

His polaroid work is unforgettable and to this day, he still shoots almost all of his photos with original Polaroid film.