family feast

WEEK 69 - NOVEMBER 14, 2012

We are busting at the seams space-wise at the gas station. So for the past several months, half of the i+w team has been stationed at the shop, and the other half works from morning til night at our house. And then another lone soldier is in Delaware. We all get in the same room often, but for sure not enough. I miss us all being together too much.

Matt and I looked forward to Monday night of this week, as everyone headed to our house for our i+w family Thanksgiving celebration. It was real a joy for us to have everyone all piled in together. Now I understand why my mom and dad and Matt’s parents gleam when they get all of their kids together. The night was filled with a lot of good visiting and plenty of tall tales and b.s’ing, as well. I guess that’s a real family?!

Dinner was a lovely potluck of all of our diverse blood family’s traditions. All so different… but somehow, all the dishes went perfectly together. The smoke alarm went off 9 times getting everything warmed. Elise’s corn pudding was burned to black on top, but there was not a morsel left after everyone went back for seconds and thirds.

Along with the corn pudding, there were 25 other award winning dishes. From the first course of Nestor and Gloria’s homemade egg drop soup, to Jay’s first turkey (wow, tender), to Alex’s first-and-only cooking experience: sweet potato hash (he was a bit late, because he had to start over!)… to Jessica’s famous kale salad,  Ian’s vegan pumpkin bread, Debbie’s biscuits and gravy and then, my mashed potatoes that Matt stood over me critiquing as I made, because he didn’t think my new recipe was right! No doubt, the carbs were plentiful. True to my own personal Thanksgiving tradition, my plate was all white and starchy. But, Patricia brought Hooter’s wings. Why not?!

Tradition is everything. But, in case you want to mix your Thanksgiving menu up a bit, we are happy to share with you our recipes as you prepare for your family feast.

For your Thanksgiving, hoping you find yourself at home with family or at a table with a “family of  friends” if you can’t get home. It’s all the same.

Our warm wishes and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Carrie + Matt